STA-BIL 360 Performance






Ease of use


Cleaning power





  • Revolutionary vapor treatment
  • Stabilizes fuel during storage


  • Not suitable for Diesel engines

STA-BIL 360 Performance by Gold Eagle is a premium fuel additive that boasts numerous benefits for engines using ethanol based fuels.

Gold Eagle has been in business since 1932 when Armin Hirsch started with a small storefront in Chicago. Today, the business has grown to include a huge production facility, warehouse for shipping and packaging, as well as a testing lab for research and quality assurance, all in Chicago.

And the STA-BIL brand is their top product line. They offer a range of products designed to treat all types of engines, not just your everyday cars, but also unique collecter vehicles, snowmobiles, boats and many more. They really go above and beyond to make sure they have a product for every situation.

As such it’s not surprise that their marketing slogan for their product is full of confidence:

New STA-BIL 360˚® PERFORMANCE™ is the only fuel treatment to emit a revolutionary vapor that rises above the fuel line to protect your engine where others can’t. Use it with every fill up to help keep your engine running cleaner, leaner, smoother and stronger.

For fuel treatment use in all gasoline powered equipment needing that ‘extra’ protection:

  • Everyday vehicles
  • Collector cars
  • Gasoline-powered trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • ATV’s
  • Snowmobiles

What are the benefits of using STA-BIL 360 Performance?

  • Vapor technology protects engine and fuel system above and below the fuel line
  • Helps prevent Ethanol fuel related damage in vehicles and small engines
  • Helps prevent corrosion damage and helps remove water
  • Stabilizes fuel to keep it fresh during storage
  • Helps clean fuel system for improved in-season performance


STA-BIL 360 Performance

One does not have to look far to find some satisfied customers either:


While the STA-BIL 360 Performance isn’t suitable for Diesel engines, you can be sure that the concentrated effects for engines using ethanol fuels is that much greater. And if it comes down to it, you have a choice of picking up other STA-BIL products like the STA-BIL Diesel for your diesel engine.

All in all, if you’re looking for a solid product to keep your fuel injectors clean and that engine purring, you can’t go wrong with STA-BIL.


– Jack

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