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Diesel engines of today have become synonymous with high power, efficiency and a lower cost of operations. As such it should be no surprise that more and more people are looking towards using diesel powered vehicles for their day-to-day travelling and work, and are vested in finding the best diesel injector cleaners for maintenance.

Like all engines, wear and tear from constant use is an ever present concern. To make sure your diesel engine keeps humming and working at top efficiency for decades to come, you need the best products on the market today!



The Best Diesel Injector Cleaners of 2020:


#1 – Lucas Fuel Treatment


Lucas Fuel Treatment - The Best Diesel Injector CleanerWe did our best to research every brand and product on the market today, but discovered that there’s still nothing that can beat Lucas. Unlike many of their competitors, their product can be used for both regular gasoline as well as diesel, and does wonders for both.

It has received glowing reviews at every store it’s being sold at, their customer support is top notch and their prices reasonable. So if you’d ask me: what’s the best diesel injector cleaner? – I’d say it’s Lucas Fuel Treatment. Simple as that.


We did our separate review of this product previously, so you can check that out here. But for anyone looking for a quick recap, here’s the nitty gritty:

  • Works with gasoline and diesel engines – Check
  • Takes it a step further and is suitable for Non-Road, Locomotive & Marine Diesel enginesCheck
  • Use it with both carbureted and fuel injected engines – Check
  • Suitable for use with leaded gasoline – Check
  • Improves gasoline octane rating – Check
  • Increases Power & Fuel Mileage – Check
  • Neutralizes low sulfur fuel problems – Check
  • Lowers Exhaust Emissions – Check
  • Cleans and Lubricates the Carburetor & Injectors – Check
  • Increases the life of pumps and injectors – Check
  • Incredible value per dollar – Check

Really not much else to say except it deserves its #1 spot and the title of best diesel injector cleaner.



#2 – Liqui Moly Diesel Purge


Liquid Moly - one of the Best Diesel Injector CleanersIf Lucas weren’t so good at what they do, Liqui Moly would certainly take the top spot here otherwise. Now, while some true blooded Americans might not feel fully comfortable endorsing a German company, I would take the time to remind everyone of the amazing qualities of German engineering.

These guys know their cars, their engines and their engine and fuel products. Liqui Moly is a global brand with overwhelmingly positive reviews across the board.

Their Diesel Purge product is without a doubt one of the best diesel fuel treatments on the market today. It’s designed to clean the injector nozzles and the combustion chamber from any deposits, and it increases the fuel cetane rating – which essentially refers to the fuel’s combustion quality.

It helps remove issues like engine knocking, and guarantees a smoother performance across the board. It also protects the engine components from corrosion, and optimizes the emissions values. It’s suitable for engines with or without diesel particulate filters and is fully tested with turbocharged engines as well.

You’re also completely safe to use it as a purely preventative measure. Adding a small dose every now and again will make sure your engine never even develops any issues in the first place.

I tried to find any negative reviews but those barely amounted to 1% of the total review counts. This product just does not disappoint. Without a doubt it is one of the best fuel injector cleaners for diesel engines. Period.



#3 – Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost


Diesel KleenGood ol’ “Made in Texas” takes this spot. For over 60 years, Power Service has been working on ways to treat diesel and make it better in every way imaginable. This gives them a leg up on many other companies who spread their efforts too thin.

Power Service on the other hand owns a huge 42 acre chemical storage and research facility in Weatherford, Texas and is putting in non-stop work every day.

Their Diesel Kleen product boasts some truly impressive claims. It cleans injectors, lubricates the entire fuel line as well as boosts cetane rating to deliver that truly optimized performance.

This product works for diesel engines sporting the latest technology – such as the High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR), as well as any older systems. Cetane rating is boosted by up to 6 numbers. It also contains Slickdiesel® Lubricator, that makes sure the fuel pumps and injectors are kept completely safe even when using Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD).

Diesel Kleen is also completely compatible with all the different diesel fuels like ULSD, Biodiesel and any Biodiesel Blends. Is it the best fuel additive for diesel cars? Definitely in the top #5.



#4 – Hot Shot’s Diesel Extreme


Hotshots Diesel ExtremeOwned by parent company Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI), based in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, Hot Shot’s is focused around producing high performance enhancers for primarily diesel engines and fuel systems. Whether the end user owns a pick-up truck, a tractor or a whole fleet, Hot Shot’s products are meant to solve the biggest issues plaguing these engines.

The Diesel Extreme, as the name implies is meant for Diesel engines only and it’s got some nice power under the hood. It’s designed to restore power and performance to any engine already suffering from issues, as well as act as a preventative to any others. The product restores throttle response, helps to eliminate black smoke and makes it easier to cold start the engine.

It also reduces DPF Regeneration Cycles by up to 50% – meaning your filters are under less strain, and are likely to have a much longer lifespan and fewer regeneration issues overall.

Diesel Extreme of course also focuses on cleaning the injectors and the whole fuel system as well as the gas tank. Fuel mileage is also increased, while stiction is notably reduced. It claims to have the highest cetane rating boosting power of any product on the market. It’s features like that which earn you a spot on the top #5 list for the best diesel injector cleaner.



#5 – Stanadyne Performance® Formula Injector Cleaner


Standyne Diesel Fuel AdditiveWith a history spanning more than 140 years, Stanadyne products are probably familiar to everyone. These days, Stanadyne focuses on producing and selling fuel injectors and fuel pumps, and has sold off their Fuel Additive branch. However, the additive brand still lives on and is highly respected by users everywhere.

The Performance® Formula cleaner boasts many of the same features as its competitors. A focus on cleaning the injectors and the whole fuel system from IDID’s – Internal Diesel Injector Deposits, be they from the common rail type engines or any other type.

The cleaner also contains lubricants, as well as the cetane booster for better fuel combustion and a smoother operation all around. It truly deserves to be on the top #5 list for the best diesel fuel additive for cleaning injectors.

The product also comes in many varieties depending on the environment conditions of your location.




Why do you need special cleaning products for diesel engines?

While diesel engines operate on a different principle than regular gasoline engines, many of the issues remain the same.

Even the highest quality fuels are far from pure. Small mineral deposits left over from processing will gather in the injection system of your engine. Over time, this can cause a buildup that can disrupt the proper flow of fuel and cause performance and efficiency issues. Once the fuel enters the combustion process, the burn is never 100% complete. While most of the left-overs are expelled safely through exhaust, tiny particles can negatively affect the various engine components.

The best diesel injector cleaners help to lubricate the fuel to minimize any mineral buildup in the injection system, as well as optimize the combustion process, resulting in a more thorough burn that increases performance, fuel mileage, and reduces the amount of left-over particles. Diesel fuel system cleaners make sure the engine operates smoother and has a longer lifespan as a result.


I hope this article on the best diesel additives has given you all some good insights and set you on your way towards your next purchase. I’m sure your diesel powered vehicle will thank you!


If you think we missed a brand or a product, let us know in the comments section!


– Jack


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