Hi, my name is Jack,

and I’m the owner of fuelinjectorcleanerhq.com

Whether it’s fixing cars, tuning motorcycle engines or simply giving them a good wash, I’m nuts about this stuff.

Getting hands dirty and then going for a wash


Because there are so many different aspects to proper vehicle maintenance, it is unfortunately impossible to discuss everything in my lifetime. For this reason I have decided to create this rather specific website to discuss fuel injectors and the various methods of keeping them clean and working.

As nearly all modern vehicles use a fuel injection system to deliver the fuel to the engines, just about everyone who owns a vehicle, will experience fuel injector related issues at one point or another and can benefit from this website.

Luckily, taking care of injectors is not at all complicated and in many cases, you can get by with nothing but a cheap fuel additive. To make sure you have a heads up, so that you can find the best products, I will do my best to review them, offer suggestions and more.


Stick around folks!

– Jack